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Community Resources

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Tiny Feet

BabyLink connects expecting families and families with young children to the services and information they need to make sure their children grow up healthy, strong, and happy.

 211info has free information about more than 5,000 health, community, and social services that can help, and empowers Oregon and Southwest Washington communities by helping people identify, navigate and connect with the local resources they need. 

Holding Plant

Help Me Grow Oregon is a free and confidential resource line for families, health providers, and community service providers offering connection to local services, and information on developmental promotion and learning  activities that support healthy growth for children, ages 0-5.

The Early Learning Hub of Clackamas County funds and supports a variety of programs for families.
A primary goal of the hub is that children receive the early learning experiences they need to thrive and be successful in school and life.

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